Simmonds & Bristow Brand Launch

Meet the Regional and Remote Water Specialist.

Since 1965 Simmonds & Bristow has been built on the core belief that people, communities and the environment everywhere deserve clean water. Our confidence in this truth has seen Simmonds & Bristow grow into The Regional and Remote Water Specialist. We are passionate about helping people make clean water, from catchment to cup and back again.

Our team are engaged by, and enjoy, the challenges, communities and cultural values of regional and remote areas. Many communities we work in might be big places but their values and beliefs are at their heart ‘regional’. Lots of companies pretend that they understand indigenous communities. We actually do – being invited back over and again proves this. We all love going to these places and we will actually get out there with you and fix the water issues together.

S&B’s team are highly skilled operational, scientific, engineering and training professionals who can proactively support your water management. We have developed answers for these locations over nearly 50 years in the business and we can help regional and remote Australia effectively and at a good price because of it. Our wealth of industry experience and knowledge is put to work to solve your environmental challenges.

With the sale of our laboratories S&B has repositioned its service offerings. Our Integrated Water Management System is a comprehensive service package designed to address all your water requirements.

As your Integrated Water Specialist we can assist you throughout your operation with one or all of our services:

Whether you are active in regional Government, water utilities, mining, hospitality, manufacturing, or are developers and contractors to these operations; we will support you in all aspects of your water and environment.

As your partner, Simmonds & Bristow has expertise you can rely on.