About Us

Simmonds & Bristow has been built on the core belief that people, communities and the environment everywhere deserve clean water. Since 1965 our confidence in this truth has seen us grow to be the specialist in regional and remote water.

We Support

  • Communities
  • Government
  • Businesses

Who We Are

Our Values

Our wealth of industry experience and knowledge is put to work to solve environmental challenges.

Our team members believe in and demonstrate these core values.

  • Deal honourably always
  • Make it simply better
  • See what needs to be done and have the courage to see it through
  • Look out for our clients, support them in their endeavours and keep them from harm
  • Take pride in what we do – do it right on time the first time
  • Commit to providing an equitable reward to all
  • Expect and encourage a balanced lifestyle

Through these behaviours we can be confident in assuring our clients that when they have the S&B team on their side they can trust us to provide strong, sensible, practical, financially sound advice and solutions. Advice and solutions that get it right, repair before replacing, make them the priority, minimise down time, recognise their long term goals and protect their people and the environment.

Dedicated to You

Dedicated help you to make good clean water, Simmonds & Bristow has built a team of highly skilled operational, scientific, engineering and training professionals who can proactively support your management of water. Our wealth of industry experience and knowledge is put to work to solve your water & environmental challenges.

S&B prides itself on building personal and accessible working relationships that offer flexibility to suit your individual needs. We do some of our best work in regional and remote locations and we enjoy strong relationships with your communities, visiting regularly.

Advice and solutions that:

  • Get it right
  • Repair before replacing
  • Make you the priority
  • Minimise down time
  • Recognise your long term goals
  • Protect your people and your environment

We are the integrated water specialists helping you make good clean water from catchment to cup and back again.