Key Personnel

Management Team

David Bristow

Managing Director & Principal Engineer

A third generation water engineer with over 30 years professional experience in water, wastewater and sewage engineering, chemistry, management and quality control, David is a sought-after industry expert.

Regularly called on as an expert witness and to solve environmental problems others have deemed too difficult, David has worked in Australia and the South Pacific’s most isolated, pristine and sensitive environments. He is proud to claim Simmonds & Bristow’s position as the regional and remote water specialist.

Xin Zhang

Change & ISO Compliance Manager

Xin joined Simmonds & Bristow in mid-2008 joining the Training Service department. Her responsibilities and strengths lie with organising all our student enrolments. Xin worked in the tertiary education industry for over 4 years before moving to Australia in 2006. She then moved to working in the Vocational Education & Training industry in Australia. She has a sound knowledge of AQTF (Australian Quality Training Framework), AVETMISS (Australian Vocational Education & Training Management Information Statistical Standard) and VET (Vocational Education & Training). Her expertise helps keep us as a best practice Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Sherelyn Hallam

Business Services Manager & Relief Services Supervisor

Sherelyn is a highly experienced leadership, recruitment and administration professional who possess strong communication and rapport building skills. She is passionate about enhancing the talent acquisition process and building high quality relationships with our personnel and clients. She brings over 20 years’ experience working in government and private enterprise, across both domestic and international education, recruitment, administration and operational management. Sherelyn effectively manages the operations of the company’s office and administration team and client requests for relief services personnel placements.

Consultants: Engineers and Scientists

Terrence Allen

Senior Process Engineer

One of the team since 2005, Terry works on all types of water, wastewater and sewage treatment plant designs and systems. He has a deep understanding of the needs of communities and operators where operational and maintenance self-sufficiency is essential. Terry has been the site based commissioning engineer on numerous plants across FNQ and Torres Strait. Terry is an active NATA accredited signatory for ASCE Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate (SOTR) testing.

His process knowledge includes many varieties of activated sludge-based systems such as oxidation ditches, package intermittent aeration systems, sequencing batch reactors, modified Ludzak-Ettinger, plus various other systems such as trickling filters, rotating biological contactors, counter-current aeration towers, membrane treatment systems (Ultra Filtration, Micro Filtration, Reverse Osmosis), chemical dosing systems including disinfection for STP processes, flocculation and coagulation for precipitation of turbidity, iron, etc., for water treatment processes.

Fiona Milnes

Environmental Scientist & Technical Services Supervisor

Fiona joined Simmonds & Bristow in 2016 as an Environmental Scientist.

Fiona has experience in compliance, training, quality control, sampling,
reviewing & validating technical data, internal auditing and strategic planning through many years of experience in the Environmental industry.

Fiona brings her many years of experience in the Environmental industry, along with her attention to detail and determination for continuous improvement, with a passion for building a better and more sustainable business outcome for clients. Fiona delivers a range of services to our clients.

Water Operations Trainers

Dr. Travis Robinson

Lead Water Industry Trainer

Travis has been working as an Environmental Scientist for the past 15 years, and as a Senior Trainer since 2015. He has been responsible for the preparation and delivery of environmental training programs for water industry and treatment operations teams, for a range of different learner levels. He has also provided aircraft types training during his time in the Royal Australian Navy. He is currently involved in the creation of new and improved learner resources for our whole training team to use.

Travis has hands on expertise in both preparing and supporting clients to prepare and implement appropriate Drinking Water Quality Management Plans and Recycled Water Management Plans. Irrigation Management is another topic dear to his heart.

Travis has extensive understanding in environmental and scientific assessment and management. His scope includes; Contamination: modelling, assessment and remediation, Soil assessment and Analysis, Geomorphological Assessment, Soil and Water Assessment and Management plans, Land Zone Assessment, Surface and Groundwater Quality Analyses and Environmental Auditing.

Kimberley Kerby

Senior Water Industry Trainer

She brings high energy and vast experience to the training department and whenever she gets in front of learners either face to face or virtually she transfers her experiences coupled with the academic and practical methods to her learners.

Kim is renowned for maintaining the highest level of accountability for Compliance, HSE & QA obligations throughout her 14+ years as a Water Operations Trainer, licenced plumber, Site Supervisor and multi-site Project Manager within the Water and Wastewater industry. The primary responsibility of Kim is to develop, prepare, deliver, assess and evaluate Water Industry Qualifications whilst ensuring that contractual and compliance requirements for the delivery of programs are met in accordance with the Australian Qualification Training Framework.

All things network is where her passion is. But you will also find that Kim has a passion for Backflow Prevention Devices and Thermostatic Mixing Valves. Kim previously worked as a Trainer & Assessor with the Services Trades College of Australia. She completed the mapping of courses and training material for compliance, including auditing the entire Plumbing Apprenticeship (Certificate III) training modules to maintain compliance with federal training requirements and changes to Australian Standards.

Liz Millan

Specialist Water Industry Trainer

Liz joined S&B in 2009 bringing extensive experience in water and waste water operations and laboratory management. She is passionate about passing on her knowledge, skills, tips and tricks collected over her 30 year career. Liz specialises in tertiary training delivery of Cert IV and higher qualifications in Water Operations. She is passionate about passing on her knowledge, skills, tips and tricks collected over her 30 year career. Liz specialises in tertiary training delivery of Cert IV and higher qualifications in Water Operations.

Plant Operations

Stephanie Gauvrit

Plant Operation & Maintenance Supervising Engineer

Stephanie has extensive experience in design, training, planning and building, analysis, optimisation/refits and site monitoring with over 20 years experience including Suez. She has designed various types of water treatment systems such as membrane bioreactor, biofilter, physical & chemical treatment, demineralisation, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, aerobic & anaerobic treatment, sand & activated carbon filter, evapoconcentration and iron removal across wastewater, stormwater, irrigation water and potable water. 

She loves the field because every water treatment is different, especially between industries. She likes to study projects and find atypical solutions to specifically suit customer’s needs and make laboratory pilots and then after site pilots to check that the solution is possible and will be the most efficient. Stephanie likes to follow the construction of a project through to and during the start-up. Her passion is to present customers with the best possible solution. 

Felipe Marques Da Silva

Plant Operator

Felipe joined Simmonds & Bristow in 2019. With nine years of experience in the environmental industry abroad, he is passionate and committed about caring for the environment and ensuring the client company he works for is fully compliant with current environmental legislation in relation to quality of water, air and waste management.

Felipe holds the following qualifications:

  • Environmental Management Degree
  • Environmental Technician

Gary Green

Emergency Response Plant Engineer & Service Development

Gary is a highly motivated professional with proven skills in Water and Sewer asset operation, design, construction & management. He brings his 10 years of experience in water and wastewater treatment systems to Simmonds & Bristow to assist our clients with plant operations and maintenance. With a focus on the Water & Sewage sectors, Gary is successfully underpinned by his resolute commitment to excellence in safety, quality, innovation and sustainability.

He has an eye for detail and during on-site visits and regular maintenance inspections/servicing he investigates and reports his recommendations for improvement in addition to the basic service. You will find him very hands-on in attending emergency and breakdown events.

Stephen Walters

Senior Plant Operator

Steve has been involved in the wastewater industry for 22 years. In this time, he has performed several roles, including 12 years as the Operations Supervisor of the Loganholme sewage treatment plant. As an experienced Treatment Operations Supervisor, Stephen brings a comprehensive set of skills that are valuable to Simmonds & Bristow. In his supervisory role, he honed his abilities in people management and this has provided a firm foundation for his plant operator role. His leadership, people-centric nature, and compassion have afforded him excellent communication skills. He contributes his talents and proficiency in customer service toward the O&M team efforts.

Anthony Bristow

Engineering Assistant & Plant Operator

Anthony is the newest and youngest member of our Plant Operations team and the next generation Bristow!

Customer Services Team

Maddie Barr

Sales & Customer Service Representative

Maddie works to ensure that our customers receive the best of care at all times.

Jade Punchard

Sales & Customer Service Representative

Jade is a proactive member of our Customer Service Team working closely with Maddie Barr to ensure our customers needs are met.

We are the integrated water specialists helping you make good clean water from catchment to cup and back again.