Annual Return Preparation for 2022

Does your business operate a sewage treatment plant and/or effluent disposal system under an Environmentally Relevant Activity (ERA)?

If so, then you most likely have an Environmental Authority (EA) that requires you to prepare an Annual Monitoring Report.

An Annual Monitoring Report involves the collection, collation, and interpretation of the previous 12 months of monitoring results and site operating history. The Annual Monitoring Report process allows you as a business to:

  • Organise your monitoring data so it can be interpreted against site treatment/disposal performance;
  • Identify potential risks to your operations, the public or the environment;
  • Identify plant process improvements and operating cost saving measures;
  • Simplify and streamline online Annual Returns;
  • If required, allow you to respond to the regulator in an orderly and controlled manner; and
  • Provide you with a concise and independent management level summary of your businesses compliance with your legislative obligations.

The information we need to prepare your Annual Monitoring Report varies depending on the site conditions, EA requirements, sewage treatment process and disposal method. However, there are typical requirements common to each which may include (but not limited to):

  1. a summary of the previous 12 months monitoring results;
  2. trend analysis including graphs;
  3. compilation, evaluation and interpretation of your environmental monitoring and treatment plant performance data;
  4. records of any uncontrolled releases required to be kept under the EA (including incident reports and notifications to the Pollution Hotline);
  5. records of equipment failures or events recorded for any site under the EA; and
  6. records of corrective actions undertaken or proposed to minimise the environmental risk from any deficiency identified by the monitoring or recording programs.

Services we offer

Your data and operating history are collected, compiled, and assessed by Simmonds & Bristow Engineering & Scientific Services (ESS) department which includes highly experienced process engineers. The Annual Monitoring Report will be specifically tailored to the language of your EA.

Most sites have a regular and mostly predictable set of EA requirements or conditions, however if your site has more complex monitoring requirements and analysis, we are able to accommodate this including advising you on a sensible and practical monitoring plan.

S&B can provide any or all of the following services to help you gather and collate the required data and reports for annual reporting including:

  • Water quality sampling, analysis and reporting for the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) effluent (typically on a monthly or quarterly basis)
  • Groundwater sampling, analysis and reporting (typically quarterly)
  • Plant sampling, analysis and reporting (typically six-monthly or annually)
  • Soil sampling, analysis and reporting for the STP effluent disposal area (typically six-monthly or annually).

If you have the resources available to undertake the sampling yourself, then S&B will be happy to manage the testing laboratory on your behalf. This will ensure the lab results are validated, analysed and reported on in real time, allowing us to resolve any data quality issues up front.

If however you are comfortable with your current monitoring program then S&B can undertake the interpretation and reporting of your data.

This will ultimately ensure that the data and information used to prepare the Annual Monitoring Report is accurate and fit-for-purpose, saving time and effort, but more importantly ensuring that it meets your EA requirements.


The sampling and testing pricing vary according to EA monitoring requirements, site location and sampling logistics, however routine interpretation and reporting typically ranges as follows:

  • Monthly STP and/or effluent disposal reporting from $280 to $410.
  • Groundwater monitoring reporting from $620 to $970.
  • Plant monitoring reporting from $460 to $700.
  • Annual soil reporting from $900 to $1,900.
  • A typical Annual Monitoring Report ranges in price from $1,900 to $3,300.

All indicative prices exclude GST.

Please speak to the S&B team on 1800 620 690 or email [email protected] for your fixed price quotation.