Bringing Communities Together

On a recent training trip to Far North Queensland, six Wujal Wujal Council learners were completing their Certificate III studies and assessment with Simmonds & Bristow’s Trainer, John Conaghan.

Simmonds & Bristow had recently completed training with the latest Cook Shire (Cooktown) Council Certificate III group of learners also.

As Wujal Wujal is a relatively small community, a field trip was organised with Cook Shire Council to explore the Wujal Wujal Treatment Plant and the Annan River Water Treatment Plant.

This was a wonderful opportunity for the WASC team to witness firsthand, two larger facilities and cement some of the principles they had learnt in class in an expanded context.

Guided by the trainer, the learners considered the similarities and differences between the treatment technologies across both councils.

The Wujal Wujal learners were amazed with the scaled up version of the plant when compared to their own.

“It was incredibly fulfilling to see the learners’ eyes open up and the penny drop on some of the equipment we had only discussed in class with review of images”, John said.

Not only was this an excellent learning opportunity, but the Cook Shire and Wujal Wujal teams got to network, make great contacts, and share stories and ideas. A strong sense of bonding was felt by all and both teams felt they could call upon each other should they need support in the future.

John continued, “as a trainer, events like this truly round off the learning experience. Not only is the “theory” experienced in a hands-on and “physical” dimension, but you simply cannot put a price on the incredibly valuable contacts and mate-ship shared across the two communities”.

Simmonds & Bristow’s Certificate III in Water Industry Treatment course provides participants with:

  • skills and technical knowledge to assist with efficient and effective plant process operation;
  • troubleshooting skills and knowledge;
  • awareness of occupational health and safety issues, and skills which promote safe work habits.


With progressive on-site Work Readiness Assessment sessions, including one-on-one time with the trainer, and field trips such as the one to the Water Treatment Plants at Wujal Wujal and Annan River, learners not only become adept to applying theory to a physical plant, but they also gain valuable insight into real-life situations.


Simmonds & Bristow travel to remote communities to provide expert training. It’s an added bonus to assist those communities to come and work together.