Creative Measures Taken for Low Flow Groundwater Monitoring and Sampling

In the last ten years, S&B’s team have been providing monitoring plans to many of our clients, across several industries, to demonstrate that pollutants are not moving off-site and entering neighbouring properties or watercourses, in a way that would cause environmental nuisance and affect the environmental values of the area.


The client commissioned S&B to sample and analyse surface and groundwater for waterborne pollutants to demonstrate that their stormwater and leachate management plan is performing as intended.


Our Environmental Scientist Fiona Milnes and Engineering Assistant, Anthony Bristow recently went to inspect and sample, in order to monitor the water quality. Battling boggy conditions, Fiona and Anthony worked well over two days, running low flow groundwater monitoring and dam depth profiles. Additionally, they used a  downhole bore inspection camera to document the screen depths in the bores and identified the cause of blockage in one bore.


Whilst low flow groundwater monitoring and sampling generally requires routine procedures, gaining access to appropriate samples and problematic areas is not always easy. Fiona needed safety gear to paddle a kayak out to the middle of the dam to take in site field readings and collect sample water. Once these samples were collected, they were submitted to a NATA accredited laboratory in Brisbane for analysis. An interpretive report will be prepared by our environmental scientists, turning the data generated by the analytical laboratory into information that the client can use to assist their future decision-making processes.


S&B staff operate under S&B safety procedures and take into account any site-specific hazards identified, so safety precautions are in place to minimise risks. The client can be assured the Simmonds & Bristow team have the safety of the site at the forefront of their minds, at all times.


If you are looking for similar peace of mind, here are several benefits of having Simmonds & Bristow monitor your groundwater:

  • To monitor the long term sustainability of an aquifer as a safe and stable water supply, whether for drinking water source, irrigation or other purposes, and adjust appropriate policies accordingly.
  • To measure groundwater levels and assess impacts by chemicals’ intrusion.
  • To provide interpretation of your data.


In all, constant groundwater monitoring is essential to maintain and improve water quality. Simmonds & Bristow offer groundwater monitoring and sampling as routine measures, in sometimes problematic conditions, using any safe means necassary to get the job done.


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