Meet Our Engineers & Scientists!

At Simmonds & Bristow, it is important to us that our clients know that we are more than just talented individuals. We are a team of engineers and scientists with diverse backgrounds – and together, we are more than the sum of our (excellent) parts. That’s why we’re putting together articles and videos to share that with you. Below is a video that will introduce you to three of our engineers – Elena, Terry and Mario.

Meet Fiona, one of our environmental scientists. Fiona is a chemist with a technical laboratory background and has worked in the Environmental industry for over 13 years, with a focus on quality. Her true passion is striving for continuous improvement and building a better and sustainable business outcome for us and our clients. With oversight of Simmonds & Bristow’s field sampling work added to her duties as an Environmental Scientist, Fiona is working on the goal of building on our strong history with our clients, but adding an even more environmentally focused perspective.

Meet Linda, a Simmonds & Bristow engineer. With her Master of Environmental Engineering and Pollution Control, Linda is bringing her expertise to the table to support many different S&B clients across our portfolio.