Genius Ideas from the Field

Chief Trainer Liz Millan here…in my travels I get to talk with Operators all over the place and I get to see the amazing ideas they come up with in the field. Some are too good to keep to myself!

The clever crew at Alice Springs STP have come up with a great way to protect the spindles on their lagoon gate valves from dirt, bird poo and salty vapours initiated corrosion in that intense atmosphere.

Popping these perfectly sized capped perspex tubes over the spindles let you see the gate position from visible spindle height, without even leaving the air-conditioned comfort of your ute. Genius!!

The ingenious operators at NSW National Parks Perisher STP invented a fantastic easy to use (and cheap!!) tool. It has been made to gauge where the interface between the settled sludge blanket and the clear supernatant effluent is sitting.

They got a length of PVC pipe and duct tapped a small waterproof torch to the bottom, with the light beam facing up. They put graduations along the PVC pipe in vivid marker to show depth from SWL. Now they can just gently lower down the lit torch…the light goes out once the torch face is below the top of the sludge blanket.

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