Guard your Guests from a Smelly Sewer

A smelly sewer is not what you plan for when you’re booking your holiday, right? 


Resorts generally renovate or update their guest rooms, restaurants and entertaining areas every 3 to 5 years, but sometimes the necessity to have their sewage treatment plant properly maintained or upgraded, may be overlooked. 


Sewage treatment plants operate around the clock, working mighty hard collecting and treating wastewater and sewage from toilets, showers, baths, laundries and kitchen sinks. Failure to engage specialists to regularly inspect, maintain and monitor these plants can result in structural, instrumental and operational deficiencies going unnoticed, possibly compromising the quality of treated sewage being discharged from the plant, resulting in a smelly sewer.


In this particular case, the Simmonds & Bristow team arrived to find a very old, poorly maintained treatment plant which was struggling to cope with the wastewater and sewage being pumped through it. After assessing and testing, they realised that the plant just needed a good clean out, some minor repairs and some updated monitoring instruments. Simmonds & Bristow did this quickly and easily without any disruption to the resort, and they trained the site operator on the new instruments.


Gary Green, Operations and Maintenance Manager of Simmonds & Bristow, says “there are plenty of good quality ‘old’ treatment plants operating at resorts which really don’t need anything else but some tender loving care… we pride ourselves on not recommending a new, multi-million dollar plant when it isn’t necessary”.


Have you had your water or sewage treatment plant checked lately? Talk to Simmonds & Bristow – we are willing to go anywhere to ensure the longest life for your plant, and a smelly-free sewer for your guests!