How to Deal with Reduced Inflows into your STP

How to Deal with Reduced Inflows into your Sewage Treatment Plant with Supplementary Feeding

The current global pandemic has resulted in significant impacts on various business sectors. The downturn from the shut-down or isolation period and social distancing measures have impacted many industry sectors, with negligible travel and holiday making hitting resorts holiday, construction, and contractor accommodation hard.

Many remote resorts and communities need to provide their own wastewater and water treatment infrastructure, and this infrastructure relies upon visitors, guests, contractors and fly-in residents to operate reliably.

However, this shutdown or isolation period will not last forever. When it finishes, resorts, holiday places, construction and contractor camps, etc. will need to be ready for a possible sudden influx of visitors.

To help you manage your sewage or wastewater treatment plant during low flow times and still make good clean water, we offer the following support:

Supplementary Process Feeding

The Sewage Treatment process can be challenging to keep operating effectively if your population drastically reduces. As biological processes, sewage treatment plants are very difficult to control and maintain at less than 25% of their design loading.

Businesses that experience significant seasonal swings will typically be designed to accommodate this variation, with parts of the plant either able to be slowed or ‘turned’ down or able to go off-line entirely to accommodate the lower populations.

However if your business does not often experience these kinds of reductions in visitor numbers or population, you’ll need to take steps to ensure that the biomass that is the heart of your wastewater treatment process remains viable.  This will typically be in the form of external feeding of your system.

This can be achieved by dosing with a variety of chemicals to replace the carbon and other nutrients that would usually be present in sewage.  There are a few chemical combinations that can achieve this.

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How to Deal with Reduced Inflows into your Sewage Treatment Plant with Supplementary Feeding