Meet the new S&B Trainer: Barry Jones!

If you’re doing training with S&B in 2018 (and we hope you will be!) you may find Barry’s smiling face at the front of your classroom.
Here’s a few words from Barry himself to help you get to know him:
I am 47 and have been married for 27 years. I have two children, a son 25, a daughter 23 (and a son-in-law 24). I also have a 3 1/2 months old granddaughter.
I enjoy watching/playing sport and I have been in the water industry for 23 years.
I had been working outside the water industry for 12 months after moving from NSW and Simmonds and Bristow had a unique opportunity for me to work in the training sector to pass on knowledge I have gained working in the water industry.
If you train with me, you’ll find that my style is interactive and I like to involve the students. I enjoy finding out about the learners background, life skills/stories and how they started working in the industry.
And From Liz:
I am so happy we chose Barry to join our happy team of trainers. He has already proven his technical expertise with granular media filters and valve operation!
I picked his brains to help me identify how we could assist a client with their poorly backwashing sand filters. Mario from our consultancy team took a video of the installation while he was onsite collecting samples. Barry & I reviewed it and he came up with a genius option to relocate the backwash water feed supply inlet.
His understanding of the three-way valve operation and sequencing has meant that the client can now make an easy re-plumb and get enhanced filter performance without the need for pump or PLC changes. This fits brilliantly with one of our S&B core values of “make it simply better” and we have a very pleased client.
Nice one Bazza!!

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