Operators In Action: Flash the Duck

One of our operators, Paul Burgess, is a heck of a guy. As far as we’re concerned, he’s a top of the line operator who makes the “plant operate and maintain” business look easy. We’ve sung Paul’s praises before (read about him here) but this story is a new one, even for us!

Paul recently found himself with an admirer – a small duck, that he nicknamed “Flash”. The duck was very fond of Paul and followed him around the work site, as often as he could. Paul was quite happy to have a little winged buddy, until Flash almost got in over his head!

It seems the quick but unqualified quacker tried to operate the plant on his own! Either that, or he was really an “undercover duck”, lulling Paul into a false sense of security while really scoping out the place for some sabotage. It seems Flash nearly lived up to his name, moving quick as a wink and attacking an engine driven pressure washer where he proceeded to peck out the red and green indicator lights and hour meter from the control panel.

Sadly, Paul will now be bereft of his little friend. Oh, Flash is just fine, merely relocated to a local creek due to misuse of our client’s property. As Paul said, that duck’s goose was cooked! (Happily, Flash was utterly uninjured despite his encounter with the pressure washer and was relocated both for his own (and the plant’s) safety. And for those who may be worried, the poor mistreated pressure washer is recovering from repair surgery and is back at work on light duties!