What Kind of Help Do You Need?

Simmonds & Bristow offer a wide variety of Plant Operator Support Packages, suited to your needs and budget. Each package is summarised below.

To download complete details of what is included in each package, plus optional extras, click here.


Our Operator’s Assistants have no guaranteed qualifications but have been working on actual treatment plants.

Their skills have been obtained through on-the-job-training and workplace inductions

Their work must be monitored by a supervisor and there must be a full Operator on-site. (Note: This can be the same person).


An experienced Operator!

We’ll guarantee he has plenty of experience with treatment plants.

These well-seasoned Operators put the “valuable” in “valuable relief”.


Designed for those times when you need extra support in short, concentrated bursts. This package factors in extended work hours (minimum 10 hours per day) for 1-2 weeks, using an aggregate rate.

You get one of our “Valuable Relief” Operators for those intense periods when you really need it.

Based on Operator working 10 hours per day 6 days consecutively, with a rest period on the 7th day. Double time rates apply if Operator required to work on rest day.


A qualified Operator fully kitted out with dedicated vehicle and Engineering Support included!

Available for a minimum commitment of one year, your Operator will live and be part of your community.


Want to build your own Package?

Need an experienced Operator for more than a few weeks but less than a year? Need tools or testing equipment but not a vehicle?

Work with us to build a custom package suited to your needs.


Need more than just a great Operator?

Our Site Supervisors have at least their Certificate III qualification plus 10 or more years of experience on treatment plants.

This package also includes full Engineering support from our team.


Do you need a mobile service technician to visit your plant and assist with minor on site works and maintenance?

We can provide a plant service technician to assist you and/or to supervise third party contractors. And don’t forget – our technicians come with full Engineering support from our team!

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