Water Treatment Repairs, Optimisation and Refits

Operation and Maintenance of Water Treatment Plant

Simmonds & Bristow can help you with:

Treatment Plant Upgrades are needed for several reasons including new technology requirements, changed volumes or uses.

Treatment Plant Refits aim to fix or repair plants damaged by poor operation, age, construction faults or natural disasters.

Benefits of Upgrades and Refits:

  • Caters for population change in the area
  • Reduces capital reinvestment and ongoing operating costs
  • Improves the quality of water from the plant to the community and environment
  • Protects the current and future health of the community
  • Reduces the impact on the environment and is environmentally sustainable
  • Ensures future compliance with government legislation and regulation

Audit results will identify any upgrades or refits required to meet current and projected population demand, regulation, resources available at the location, and operator availability and skill.

When planning a plant upgrade our engineers are very careful to make recommendations applicable to the operating environment, location and logistics.

We will always aim for upgrades and refits rather than rebuilding and will always recommend a solution that demonstrates good science and engineering, and good economics.

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