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Timestamps for the Full Delivery Methods Video:

Introduction: 0-0.48
Classic: 0.49-1.59
Classic Plus: 2.00-3.16
Virtual Training: 3.17-5.07
Independent Learner: 5.08-6.01
RPL: 6.02-6.56
Blended: 6.57-7.19
WRA: 7.20-8.22

Simmonds & Bristow offer the following:

Delivery Methods:

Our CLASSIC face to face training remains a cornerstone of our portfolio. This is the S&B that many of you have experienced, delivered 100% face to face with your trainer. This training is ideal for groups (typically with a minimum of 6 learners). All leaners must complete a work place readiness assessment (WRA).

Our INDEPENDENT LEARNER delivery method is ideal for those of you who are content to work on your own, with high quality support from the trainer at your fingertips. This offers great value and flexibility for the right learners. Delivered via correspondence, this method is for individuals. A work readiness assessment (WRA) is still required.

The BLENDED delivery method is the happy medium between the CLASSIC and INDEPENDENT LEARNER methods. You’ll complete some (but not all) of your training face to face with your trainer and some (but not all) independently via correspondence. As always, Work Readiness Assessments are required.

We also offer a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program to assist those of you who have the experience but still require the official “paperwork” to back that up.

We are also excited to offer you our NEW Virtual Training platform: A new way to learn virtually! Our virtual classroom is just like Face to Face but online with our experienced and qualified trainers support. It’s a great way to accelerate your learning. Attend virtual sessions, send in your completed assignments, get assessed, once passed we issue a nationally recognised statement of attainment. Work Readiness Assessment (WRA) must follow.

And finally, we are introducing CLASSIC PLUS a delivery method that sees you learn face to face with your trainer, with added in-class time for you to complete your assignments. (Work Readiness Assessment must follow).

We still offer the same great mix of full certification courses, individual units of competency, short courses and workshops. Now we just offer them in new and interesting ways, including the possibility of completing your work readiness assessment remotely, rather than on-site.

Work Readiness Assessment (WRA)

We also conduct a Work Readiness Assessment (WRA) to ensure learners have successfully translated the training in the workplace. Each WRA involves the trainer working with the learner in a one-on-one session.

A Remote* WRA is included in the price of this training. The remote WRA involves the learner demonstrating their capabilities onsite while these activities are live streamed via video conferencing. Typically this is done using a suitable mobile phone at the learners end, or we are able to provide on loan suitable technology for the learner to utilise. The assessor is in full real time communication with the learner during this process, asking questions and directing learner activities.

 (For interstate proposals only) *Should an on-site WRA be required (either at your request or due to the site being unsuitable for video streaming (poor communication speed or because the trainer believes the learner is unsuitable for remote WRA), an additional fee will apply to cover trainer travel expenses. This can be determined POA should you request it.

To be able to be found competent in the enrolled units of competency, learners need to have significant experience working on the activities and technology covered by the subject matter (as a guidance, at least 50 days) and have access to related plants/sites (i.e. suitable technology, tools, systems and worksites) for final Work Readiness Assessment.

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