Sewage Treatment Plant Design Process Audits

Part of the effective operation of any water or wastewater treatment plant is regular performance evaluation or auditing of the plant and its operators.

This is increasingly important under the Environmental Protection Act, to ensure companies have documented proof their treatment plants are running efficiently and effectively.

S&B audits involve:

  • Reviewing the current conditions of the specified water or wastewater treatment plant
  • Construct a report of the findings
  • Deliver cost effective recommendations regarding possible upgrade and improvement programs

We offer a variety of audit services which differ in complexity to suit various client requirements.

Treatment Plant Desktop Assessment

This external review of the treatment plant is ideal for operators who have previously assessed their water treatment plant, but may need to update their information.

It is particularly useful as a routine procedure to note changes in infrastructure, operations and water quality.

Plant operations are assessed from:

  • Photographs of the plant
  • Past testing results
  • Previous design information or drawings
  • Client input

Results are supplied in a practical summary form. Site visit not included.

Treatment Plant Inspection

A plant inspection involves one of our experienced engineers reviewing your water or wastewater treatment plant with your regular operator.

This onsite, visual assessment reviews optimum operational parameters and assesses plant capability and basic performance.

Such a visit is suitable for workplaces that are unsure of the condition of their plant and would like a summary of how their plant is performing.

This is a quick method that benchmarks the operating quality of the plant and identifies any present and potential non-compliance issues.

Standard Audit

The standard audit is one of the most common measurement tools utilised for water and wastewater treatment plant analysis.

It involves a thorough on-site examination and review of monitoring results that studies both equipment and process.

This audit is suitable for a vast range of clients who have a moral and legal obligation to ensure their water and/or wastewater treatment plant is in line with regulatory guidelines.

A formal report by our experienced engineers and scientists provides a full analysis and recommendations on how to improve the operation of your plant.

Comprehensive Audit

The most detailed of the audit assessment measures is the comprehensive audit.This audit requires an on-site thorough examination of the facility and the external environment to generate a comprehensive report.

In addition to addressing the recommendations a standard audit would identify, this process will allow our specialist to make recommendations on how to improve the sustainability of the facility as well as the environment.

The comprehensive audit is ideal for water treatment plants that are undergoing major change or have not thoroughly been audited for three to five years.

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