Relief Water Treatment Operator

S&B provide relief plant operators to assist you with your water and sewage treatment systems. Each Relief Operator will possess a combination of qualifications, experience and skills that meet or exceed the requirements of the client’s brief.

Book one of our experienced operators to cover permanent staff on leave, away at training, or awaiting replacement.

We can also provide backup to your team if they need an extra operator during events and maintenance programs.

Wondering what it takes to deploy a relief treatment plant operator?

This handy infographic can walk you through it (PDF document).

Our clients call on us to help them make sure the water they make or consume meets their health and safety or operational requirements. We also work with clients to ensure they produce water of all kinds, including sewage sourced or industrial process effluent that meets the regulatory requirements of their operational licences.

We also help many developers and other organisations that are planning activities which might impact on the water, air or land in the environment.

Our clients are often independent of metropolitan water and sewage supplies because they are in remote or regional areas or must process their effluent prior to discharging to the environment, irrigation or the sewer.

Fully Supported Routine Operations & Servicing

Simmonds and Bristow can provide a fully supported operator to comprehensively operate and maintain the client’s plant. Operators have full back up support from our scientists and engineers at all times whether this over the phone or on-site as required. If a service vehicle is included in the package, it will be fully kitted out with tools, test gear, PPE and other operational and safety equipment. It is S&B’s responsibility to cover all leave requirements, training, WHS and human resources requirements. This service is generally covered by a formal service agreement and is long term – a number of years.

Relief Plant Operator

This is where Simmonds and Bristow provide relief plant operators to cover for the client’s permanent staff being on leave, away at training, or awaiting replacement. The relief operator can also be deployed to provide the client with a back-up operator during major events or maintenance programs. Each Relief Operator will possess a combination of qualifications, experience, and skills that meet or exceed the requirements of the client’s brief. The assignments are generally short term (1 week to 2 months), are not covered by a service agreement, do not have full back-up support and do not include a service vehicle or equipment.

Simmonds & Bristow is a registered labour hire provider under the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2017 (QLD) (License LHL-02237-P3R5M) and we are pleased to be able to provide you with the support that you need.

Permanent Operators

Typical work of a permanent plant operator includes:

  • Make up and dosing of plant chemicals
  • Adjusting plant settings
  • Day to day monitoring and controlling of plant/equipment
  • Mechanical and electrical equipment monitoring
  • Routine cleaning of plant and equipment
  • Taking necessary reading throughout the day
  • Keeping and maintaining of records
  • Sampling and daily testing
  • Troubleshooting if any unforeseen circumstances

Operator Packages

Simmonds & Bristow offer a wide variety of Plant Operator Support Packages, suited to your needs and budget. Each package is summarised below.

To download complete details of what is included in each package, plus optional extras, click here.

Relief Water & Wastewater Operators Available Now! Anywhere-Anytime-Any Duration