Web Tutorials: Step by Step Testing

After the success of our Operator Maths Help Videos we’ve developed some new tools that we think will make your lives a wee bit easier. Testing is a part of your regular routine as an operator, but can be confusing. That’s why we’ve put together these videos to show you, step by step, how it’s done.

These first couple in the series focus on turbidity testing (for water or wastewater) and settled sludge volume testing. Turbidity was done using a Palintest photometer, but the general principles apply to all turbidimeters. You also get the gen on how to field filter your sample correctly, to blank (zero) your meter. Settled sludge volume is used to evaluate how well the mixed liquor in your activated sludge plant will settle in your clarifiers.

Testing: Turbidity

Testing: Mixed Liquor Settlable Solids Test

Testing: Calibrating a Colorimeter

Testing: Chlorine

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