Q&A With Elena Moeller

Can you tell us a bit about your role at S&B?

I have been with Simmonds & Bristow since mid 2012 in the role of a process engineer (design and commissioning of water and sewage treatment plants) and have also been looking after the Engineering and Scientific Services team (ESS) since February 2015.

When it comes to building your team, what is it you look for in an ideal team member?

Competency, drive and a positive can-do attitude. The skills and experience are important, but the right personality makes for smooth team work. The consultancy environment is very specific to the industry and very different to, say, government or academia. Our guys are collected and proactive yet chilled, not to crack under the consultancy pressure.

What is it you think sets your team apart?

Going the extra mile to save our clients from harm, personalised approach and the quality of the work we produce. We are proud of what we do and seek to achieve the best possible results for our clients at the least expense to them, leveraging our team’s expertise and experience.

What was your most memorable project (and why)?

A design of a conventional sewage treatment plant for a very remote PNG community. The disinfection part was a challenge: the treatment system was to operate without power, the operation had to be simple enough for anyone (qualified operator or not) to run it; and, of course, the disinfection had to be effective. All that at a whopping flow rate of 50 L/s (that’s equivalent to about 120 of your outdoor taps opened at full bore all at once). Oh yes – and the site was compromised and, following the natural specifics of the region, was slowly sliding downhill with every other earthquake.

Brave innovative design decisions and drawing on the Simmonds & Bristow engineering team’s experience, as well as working closely with our partners, is what made this project come through.

What types of projects do you enjoy working on? Why?

I enjoy a healthy variety: from troubleshooting of biological treatment to environmental assessment studies to design of full treatment plants. No job is too big or too small.
How does your team work with other S&B teams or S&B partners (such as EPCO Australia)?

The S&B teams work closely together, with the operators drawing on the engineers’ and scientists’ knowledge and experience, the engineers and scientists consulting with our experienced trainers and calling on the operators to get a good picture of ‘what’s on the ground’ and what needs helping.

EPCO Australia and the ESS team have a natural synergy where we tell them what we want built and they know how to make it happen.

What three things would you want potential clients to know about your team?

First, we are always there to help – do not hesitate to call us no matter how small, embarrassing or sensitive the enquiry may be.

Second, there’s very little we haven’t seen or heard before and 9 times out of 10 we know how to help your situation.

And finally, we customise our services and solutions to fit your specific needs and budget.