Web Tutorials: Operator Maths

As a Registered Training Organisation, Simmonds & Bristow is in the business of helping people understand more about how we get good, clean, water. In addition to our courses and workshops, we often receive requests for help with “the little things” that can be frustrating or annoying for Operators at the plant or in the field.

We’ve decided to share some of our “tips and tricks” in the form of web tutorials – short videos designed to help out with some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive. This page is where you can find and watch the first of those videos at your convenience.

If you have a comment or an idea for a future video, please contact us at training@simmondsbristow.com.au.

Operator Maths: Introductory Video

Something we hear quite often from Operators is that it can be tricky to remember how to do these calculations. Our first set of tutorial videos can help with that.

Operator Maths #1- Surface Area of a Square or Rectangle (Units all the Same)

Operator Maths #2- Surface Area of a Square or Rectangle (Different Units)

Operator Maths Operator Maths #3- Volume of a Square or Rectangle

Operator Maths #4- Surface Area of a Circle

Operator Maths #5 – Volume of a Circle

Operator Maths #6- Circumference of a Circle (e.g. Clarifier Weir Length)

Operator Maths #7 – Total Surface Area of a Circular or Cylindrical Tank