Safeguarding public health, the number 1 priority

It is vital to have a best-practice water management plan in place to protect public health, as well as the environment. The consequences of failing to provide safe drinking water can range from tummy bugs to long-term chronic disease and serious illnesses affecting a significant portion of the population, not to mention the onerous task of urgently seeking drinking water from elsewhere, especially given the remoteness of many projects.

For 55 years, safeguarding public health by providing integrated water management services, throughout regional and remote communities across Australia, has been the core of Simmonds & Bristow’s portfolio.

The close working relationships between S&B’s three arms, Engineering and Scientific Services, Operations and Maintenance and Training, enable a collaborative and holistic approach to water management.


Engineering & Scientific Services need to monitor and troubleshoot water supplies, effluent releases and swimming pools to ensure the critical infrastructure supports its communities with safe drinking and bathing water, and the environment is not being forgotten and harmed

Hands-On Protection of Community Health

Plant Operations & Maintenance need to stand their post at the regional and remote treatment plants throughout, operating and servicing their communities WTPs, STPs and WWTPs , ensuring water quality for drinking and environmental release is safe and not causing harm.

Upskilling Workforce

Training team constantly ensure Treatment Plant Operators, Network Operators, Environmental Officers, Engineers and Scientists continue to upskill their knowledge via qualification training, short course and workshop, internet and virtual training.

We are professional consultants, environmental engineers & scientists, water operations trainers, water treatment plant operators who can guide communities through any problem, big or small, helping them make good clean water.