Simmonds & Bristow has NEW Training Delivery Methods

Simmonds & Bristow is pleased to announce new delivery methods and new pricing strategies effective immediately. The launch of the new training package, NWP15, gave us the opportunity to redevelop our learner resources and to re-engineer our delivery strategies in a way that preserves our legendary quality and attention to detail, while streamlining our process to allow us to deliver savings back to our clients.

As always, with Simmonds & Bristow you will receive experienced, dedicated trainers to deliver your training in either open industry or custom courses with an emphasis on hands-on, practical training and face to face delivery. We proudly remain the regional and remote water specialist and our willingness (and desire!) to come to your remote location is unchanged. Now, we can just get there a bit more economically!

We’ve listened to clients who have told us that our training cannot be faulted in its thoroughness, accessibility or its strong positive outcomes for learners. And we’ve heard you that the price tag associated with quality could sometimes put our trainers out of your reach. That’s why we’ve sharpened our pencils and challenged ourselves to find news ways to increase efficiency and to reduce our fees.

To learn about our new delivery methods, read below or let Liz explain them to you in this video:

In the past, Simmonds & Bristow focused almost exclusively on face to face training. However, we recognise that our clients crave flexibility that recognises modern learning techniques as well as the unique learning style of individual employees. That’s why we’ve expanded our portfolio to address all of the above. Liz has already discussed this in the video earlier in the newsletter, but we’re sharing that information again, in case you want to refer back to it.
Our CLASSIC face to face training remains a cornerstone of our portfolio. This is the S&B that many of your have experienced, delivered 100% face to face with your trainer. This training is ideal for groups. All leaners must complete a work place readiness assessment (WRA).
Our NEW! INDEPENDENT LEARNER delivery method is ideal for those of you who are content to work on your own, but with high quality support from the trainer at your fingertips. This offers great value and flexibility for the right learners. Delivered via correspondence, this method is for individuals. A work readiness assessment (WRA) is still required.
The NEW! BLENDED delivery method is the happy medium between the CLASSIC and INDEPENDENT LEARNER methods. You’ll complete some (but not all) of your training face to face with your trainer and some (but not all) independently via correspondence. As always, Work Readiness Assessments are required.
We also offer a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program to assist those of you have the experience but still require the official “paperwork” to back that up.
Finally, we are introducing CLASSIC PLUS a delivery method that sees you learn face to face with your trainer, with added in-class time for you to complete your assignments. (Work Readiness Assessment must follow).
We still offer the same great mix of full certification courses, individual units of competency, short courses and workshops. Now we just offer them in new and interesting ways, including the possibility of completing your work readiness assessment remotely, rather than on-site.