Tune-up Treatment Facilities

Seasonal variations can lead to a change in the performance of treatment process, leading to a change in facility demand. The demand on your treatment process may increase or decrease and that impacts the performance of the process. It is important to prepare for these seasonal and demand changes in advance, to ensure a smooth start to your new year. This preparation translates to confidence and peace-of-mind that the treatment process will continue to provide the service levels required by your customers.

Simmonds and Bristow are able to support you in preparing for the holiday period by providing a process tune-up.  The tune-up will involve assessing the treatment process and making adjustments to cater for the performance required.  In this way your process will be ready to speed-up or slow-down over the holiday period and your operators will feel supported and confident in how to manage further changes that may be required.  In essence, a tune-up will maximise the reliability and capability of your current process, without changing or renewing equipment.

Tune-ups can also benefit treatment processes that have slowly moved away from their normal operating region.  Often a single event can lead to a process change that enables quality targets to be achieved.  But once the event is over, the process is not returned to the pre-event conditions.  After overcoming multiple, single-events scenarios, the treatment process may be operating quite differently to its original intent.   As a consequence the throughput of the process may be impacted.  Or there maybe challenges in achieving compliance with the quality parameters.  This is where a tune-up can restore process capability and reliability.

Simmonds and Bristow provide tune-up services on a wide number of treatment processes.  In the case of reverse osmosis, we have optimised CIP cleans to maximise run-length.  This requires the characterisation of the membrane foulant to determine chemical type, strength and time requirements for the CIP.  This is followed by ongoing support to analyse performance and determine the combinations of CIPs required and frequency of each.

Sewage Treatment Plants

In the case of Sewage Treatment Plants, Simmonds and Bristow can advise on the capability of your process to manage peaks or troughs, taking into account parameters such as mixed liquor suspended solids, food to microorganism ratio and sludge age.  After understanding your specific performance requirements or concerns, S&B are able to guide the operator in making changes as the demand increase and decreases.  This team approach ensures the operator feels supported and ultimately enhances the immediate and future outcomes.

Swimming pools

For swimming pools, the tune-ups analyse the adequacy of chemical dosing, taking into account the alkalinity and chlorination as well as a pH to prevent corrosion.  When swimming pools are chemically balanced, they are more durable to changing bather-loading and ambient temperatures.    The frequency of the backwash and water clarity is also accounted for within the tune-up.

Water Treatment Plants

The holiday demand on water treatment plants is often not quantifiable in advance and so they need to be ready-for-anything.   The tune-up service provided by S&B focuses around the chemical dosing including the strength and quantity of each chemical.  As mentioned already the culmination of effectively catering for multiple, single-events can result in a shift away from the ideal and optimised region.   It can also result in non-conformances.   During the tune-up, S&B work with operators and take them on the journey of optimisation, facilitating immediate and ongoing improvements.

If you have concerns about your treatment process and its stability and capability to cope with the change in demand and temperatures over the holiday season, contact Simmonds & Bristow to talk about how our tune-up services can help. Call on 1800 620 690 or email [email protected]