Plant Operations & Maintenance Service

Whether you are operating a water, wastewater or sewerage treatment plant, our outsourced service delivers peace of mind. Your critical infrastructure won’t rely on the knowledge of a crew or single operator; you’ll be backed by an organisation with over 55 years of accumulated water industry experience꞉

  • Pay for exactly what you need ‑ tailored solutions that suit your plant. If that should change, even seasonally, no need to worry about recruitment, vetting, backfilling or management of specialist staff.
  • Remote monitoring in place to reduce on‑site operations, where appropriate.
  • Immediate access to engineers and environmental scientists when needed.
  • Always ahead of the curve on your legislative obligations, and, when needed, extensive experience in communications and negotiations with environmental regulators
  • Specialised and bundled service capabilities across design, water and wastewater expertise, training, and navigating legal in the space.
  • Advice on better and proactive maintenance and operating practices that deliver greater efficiencies.

Solutions tailored to the needs of your site

In addition to an agreed schedule of planned maintenance we can troubleshoot problems that may arise, conduct Assessments and Audits, provide Plans and Reports, handle all communications with the environmental regulator and provide a fully supported and customised water, wastewater and sewage treatment plant management service. To find out more, click HERE

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Need urgent help?

In an emergency event or unexpected staff absence, you could need some support for your plant operations.

Our POMS packages will deliver peace of mind, safety, reliability and compliance to your operation. Find out how – download our PDF brochure!

Relief Water & Wastewater Operators Available Now! Anywhere-Anytime-Any Duration